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​How To Pick The Perfect Grass Strimmer with STIHL, Honda & Echo

How To Pick The Perfect Grass Strimmer with STIHL, Honda & Echo


Before you ask the age-old question, “what is the difference between a grass trimmer and a strimmer?” allow us to clear that right up. There is no difference! A grass trimmer and a strimmer are one in the same. ‘Trimmer’ is simply a shortened version of strimmer which has become widely accepted as the generic term.

What you should be looking out for is the difference between a grass strimmer and brushcutter. By swapping out the strimmer line for a brushcutter metal blade you will have a much more powerful brushcutter, capable of cutting through tougher weeds, bramble and even small trees.

Please note: Not all grass strimmer are compatible with a brushcutter blade.

Whether you have a big task ahead of you or you simply need the perfect tool to keep your lawn neatly edged, the team here at ISE Forest and Garden are here to find the best grass trimmer for you.

Things to consider before buying a grass strimmer

Have you been putting off completing those tougher jobs around the garden? Perhaps it is time to invest in a strimmer. Choose particular features specific to the jobs you need to complete around your garden and create a realistic budget.

Look out for features that will make the strimmer easier to use:

  • A harness may be an essential feature if you wish to distribute the weight of the machine across your back. This makes the strimming experience much less strenuous and also gives you added control over the machine.
  • Guides will help keep the strimmer from digging into the ground. This will also keep you on track while edging the lawn.
  • Bicycle handlebars can be found on some petrol strimmers. These handles will help you to gain more control over these powerful tools.
  • Anti vibration majorly reduces the vibration felt by the user while using the machine which creates ease of use.

Consider flexibility, manageability, and manoeuvrability before buying a strimmer. You will need to know how heavy the machine is and if this tool will be easy to use. Also, how easy is it to buy replacement parts? This will be important to factor in further down the line.

Most strimmers use trimmer line to cut through the grass. This wire line is threaded through the strimmer head and used to swiftly cut through the blades of grass at rapid speeds. To feed more line through the head you may need to bump the head of the strimmer against the ground, this is often referred to as the ‘tap and go’ feature. Other models come equipped with an automatic feed system.


Top Tip From Our Experts: The tougher the job, the thicker the line required.

Most importantly, the model you chose should depend very much on your garden.

Types of grass strimmers

The three main types of strimmers on the market include corded electric strimmers, Battery powered strimmers & Petrol strimmers.

1. Corded Electric grass strimmers

Generally speaking, the electric strimmers are often the cheapest as they need to be plugged into the mains in order to be operated.

A corded model will perform very well around the garden and carry out a variety of tasks. They are designed specifically for general, light usage on less challenging tasks around the garden. Electric trimmers are excellent at cutting grass but also perform particularly well when carrying out delicate tasks such as edging the lawn or trimming the grass around fences or garden features.

Entry level


Commercial grade


Stihl FSE31Stihl FSE52 , Stihl FSE71

2. Cordless battery powered grass strimmers

Cordless strimmers free you up and allow you to move further away from a power source, providing maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability. You can purchase cordless models for both light and heavy-duty gardening tasks. The cheapest among grass strimmers will be suitable for lighter tasks around the garden, while the most expensive cordless grass trimmers are specifically designed with a long shaft and a fixed head for cutting long grass and tough weeds. These are much more heavy duty, and this is often reflected in the price point as you will receive a more powerful grass trimmer with a longer-lasting battery.

Battery operated strimmers are usually lighter than corded and petrol models. That being said, you need to factor in the additional time needed to charge the trimmer in between doing large garden jobs. The lithium-ion batteries used in this style of strimmer will typically last at least 15 minutes before they need to be recharged. It is always wise to invest in a second battery to have available on the go.

When it comes to cordless models, keep in mind that you are paying for the convenience that the machine can offer you. The cordless trimmer is ideal for those who may not have access to a power source.

Entry level


Commercial grade


STIHL FSA 45 Cordless Grass Strimmer Stihl FSA 57 Strimmer STIHL FSA 90 Pro Cordless Brushcutter


3. Petrol grass strimmers

Petrol strimmers are ideal for longer, heavier tasks such as cutting large areas of long grass and weeds. Thanks to the petrol power source, these trimmers are best suited to gardeners working away from the house for longer periods of time. Stock up with a can of petrol and you can trim for hours.

The majority of petrol trimmers also double up as brushcutters. These robust models are used can be transformed by adding a brushcutter blade to the trimmer head. Use a brushcutter blade to make light work of clearing bramble patches.

Petrol driven strimmers are much more robust and you will see this additional power through an increased price point. The additional power from a petrol operated grass trimmer can make them less suited towards precision tasks. They can be tricky to use for light tasks such as lawn edging.

Entry level


Commercial grade


STIHL FS 38 27cc Grass Strimmer
STIHL FS 70 RC-E 27cc Pro Brushcutter
STIHL FS 260 C-E 42cc Pro Brushcutter


Honda UMK425ELE Honda UMK435EUE Honda UMK450 2hp 50cc Grass Strimmer


Echo SRM-222ES Brushcutter with Loop Handle Echo SRM-2620ES/L Brush Cutter with Loop Hanlde Echo SM-420ES Brushcutter with Double Handle


Introducing the Honda UMK450 2hp 50cc Grass Strimmer

The quiet and lightweight Honda UMK450 Grass Strimmer is ideal for heavy duty commercial users. The UMK450 is designed with a straight shaft and bike handles to deliver powerful performance and endurance in the toughest tasks. A GX50 4-Stroke engine powers this 50cc Honda UMK450 which majorly increases overall work efficiency.

Due to its 2hp power and enhanced cutting attachments, its suitable for heavy duty De-weeding as well as fodder harvesting applications. Dense undergrowth, unwanted weeds, pruning trees & trimming hedges can be tackled with ease thanks to the 3 tooth blade. The Honda UMK450 50CC Brush Cutter comes Bundled with 2 Attachments: the 2 Teeth Blade and the Nylon Tap n Go Cutter.

Additional features:

  • Quiet Operation: Commercial Grade GX50 4-Stroke Engine
  • 360° Operation: Fully Inclinable Operation for use at any angle
  • Reduces Fatigue: Ergonomic Bike Handle
  • Contractor Quality: Built Tough for Tough Conditions


Click here to view the newest addition to range of grass strimmers and brushcutters, the Honda UMK450 2hp 50cc Grass Strimmer.

A Word From The ISE Team

Here at ISE Forest and Garden we care about the safety of each and every one of our customers. We ask our customers to be aware of the safety features of your grass strimmers and be mindful to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. It is important to implement safety precautions when operating power equipment. As always, the team here at ISE Forest and Garden are here to keep you well informed every week.

Click here to view our range of Grass strimmers & brushcutters.


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