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Weibang WB456AH 18" Aerator

The WB456AH – Lawn Aerator is a 450mm aerator designed to contribute to the vitality of your lawn.

Driven by a powerful Hong GX160 163cc 5HP engine, this aeration process effectively penetrates and removes soil from the lawn down to the roots.

The benefits include a reduction in soil compaction, improved drainage, and enhanced penetration of water, nutrients, and light into the ground, ultimately fostering the development of a healthier and more robust lawn.

Additional Features:

  • Aerate depth 70mm
  • Aerate spacing 100x200mm
  • Wheel size Front 10”x2.75”
  • Wheel size Rear 8”x2” Rear
  • The strong hollow tined working head fitted to the Weibang Intrepid 456AH lawn aerator rotates and removes plugs of soil from your lawn to 70mm deep.
  • The Weibang Intrepid lawn aerators are fitted with premium Honda GX160 163cc 5HP Series engines which provide reliable high performance.
  • As you aerate the lawn, plugs of soil, grass and roots are removed from the ground which has a number of benefits for the lawn which include improved drainage and reduced soil compaction allows water, nutrients and light to access the grass roots promotin
  • The integrated transport mode raises the working tines up allowing the machine to be safely transported to and from the working area.
  • Hollow / Steel
  • Self Drive

Technical Specifications:

  • Deck Lawn Aerator
  • Engine make/model: Honda GX160 163cc 5HP
  • Cutting Width: 460mm / 18 “
  • Weight: 136.5 Kg
  • Clutch Tension pulley

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