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Talamex Superlight SLA230 & Suzuki DF2.5S Outboard - 2.5HP Short Shaft (381mm)
Category Marine
TypeBoat & Outboard Packages


Talamex Superlight SLA230

The Talamex Superlight SLA230 is from the Talamex range which uses German Valmex™ quality fabric. All Talamex boats come with a 2 year warrenty and are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection, allowing them to meet all European requirements.

This rubber boat with air deck is the lightest rubber boat among the Talamex range. The SLA 230 is made of 0.5 mm PVC fabric from the German manufacturer Mehler.

By applying the air bottom deck the weight of the boat is kept extremely low. This airdeck must be well pumped up and hard. Then the sturdy and flat high-pressure floor is created. The total weight of the dinghy remains extremely low due to this design and the use of the light 0.5 mm Mehler PVC fabric. Total weight amounts to 13.6 kg.

The load capacity of the Superlight SLA 230 boat is 325 kg. As a lightweight Talamex boat the SLA230 can take two passengers with a total length which reaches up to 230cm. The maximum engine power is 4 hp or 2.9 kW.

Additional features:

  • Hull & bottom are fastened together into one piece
  • Quick launch
  • Airdeck high-pressure floor is completely flat
  • High pressure floor
  • Comes with a complete package of accessories

Technical specifications

  • Max. load weight kg: 325
  • Max. motor in HP: 4.0
  • Max. persons (+1=child): 2
  • Length cm: 230
  • Width cm: 132
  • Tube Ø cm: 32
  • Weight incl. paddles kg: 14.1

Part No. 85.902.230

Suzuki DF2.5S Outboard - 2.5HP Short Shaft (381mm)

The Suzuki DF2.5S Outboard - 2.5HP Short Shaft (381mm) is reliable, compact and lightweight. This Susuki engine has compact dimensions and a stylish design, making this outboard portable and easy to operate.

With both neutral and forward shifting along with 360-degree steering allows for full thrust in all directions and easy maneuverability.

The Suzuki DF2.5S is water cooled which enables the outboard to be quieter and more efficient by reducing the temperature of the engine.

Technical specifications

  • Steering type: tiller
  • Starter: Manual
  • Tilt: manual
  • Weight: S:13.5kg L:14kg
  • Bore x Stroke: 48x38mm
  • Propeller Selection (pitch): 5.3/8
  • Fuel Delivery System: Carburetor
  • Piston Displacement: 68cc
  • Maximum Output: 1.8KW
  • Engine Type: OHV

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