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Echo PAS-2620ES Multitool
Category Multi-Tools
TypeEcho Split Shaft Multi Tool System

Echo PAS-2620ES Multitool

The PAS-2620ES Multi-tool system has a 25.4cc heavy duty professional ECHO engine connected to a half-length driveshaft.

It features Easy Start for almost effortless starting, a loop handle and grouped cluster controls.

Seven optional tools can be fitted quickly and easily, simply by pushing and tightening the preferred attachment to the engine unit.

X-Series means ECHO's best-in-class products. More power, lighter weight and performance that will noticeably increase your productivity. Designed for professionals who demand the best and highest quality tools.

X-Series engines make this line-up exceptional. They offer a revolutionary combination to get jobs done faster with less fatigue.

Optional Attachments include:MTA-PS Power Brush

MTA-PB Blower
MTA-TC Cultivator
MTA- LE/E Lawn Edger
MTA- PP/E Power Pruner
MTA-AH-HD Hedge Cutter
MTA-TB Trimmer/ Brushcutter
MTA-3EXT Extension Pole

Product Specifications

  • 25.4cc Engine displacement
  • 1.0kW Output
  • 7 kg Weight
  • 4.8kg Dry weight
  • 1038 mm Overall length
  • 0.60 L/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
  • ES-Start Start assist system
  • 0.6 litres Fuel tank capacity

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