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Agri Fab
Agri Fab 350lb Steel Tow Dump Trailer 45-03037
Category Spreaders, Trailers, Rollers etc
TypeAgri Fab Trailers
BrandAgri Fab

The AgriFab 45-03037 tow trailer comes with load capacity of 159kg / 350lbs. Its rugged high-sided design makes it ideal for transporting heavy and bulky loads around your garden. Years of unfaltering service are ensured thanks to the heavy duty steel tipper bed with rust-resistant, powder-coated paint finish, together with a robust axle.

Featuring large pneumatic tyres, wide design and low centre of gravity, the Agri-Fab 45-03037 utility cart is easily manoeuvrable on rough, undulating terrain.

The Agri-Fab 45-03037 economy steel tipping trailer is equipped with universal hitch pin which fits all makes and models of lawn tractor.

Agri-Fab 5 year warranty Agri-Fab products are covered by a five year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Load Capacity : 159kg / 350lbs
Tyres : 13" x 4" pneumatic
Bed Dimension :38.5"L x 30"W x 11.5" H
Assembled Product Size : 60" L x 33" W x 28" H
Boxed Shipping Dimensions: 41.8" L x 17.2 "W x 14.5" H

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