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Agri Fab
Agri Fab 24" / 250lb Push or Tow Lawn Roller 45-02671
Category Spreaders, Trailers, Rollers etc
TypeAgri Fab Rollers
BrandAgri Fab

AgriFab 45-02671 24" Push or Towed roller. It can be hitched-up to any make of lawn-tractor (10hp-plus), or simply used as a pedestrian unit; and it can be water-ballasted up to 114kg should a particularly pronounced lawn-stripe be required. The Agri-Fab 24" Push/Tow Lawn Roller / Garden Roller comprises a 46cm-diameter corrosion-resistant poly drum with a centre baffle that works to prevent flexing on undulating terrain.

Smoothly moulded edges on the roller-drum prevent turf-damage during turning manoeuvres; while the 2.5cm brass fill-plug can be quickly removed and fitted; no tools required.

Brand: Agri-Fab
Roller Drum 18'' diameter x 24'' wide
Weight with water: up to 250 lbs
Less than 40 lbs without water for easy storage and transport
Removable fill plug
Poly drum resists rust
Hitch rotates for push or pull operation

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