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Zero Turn Mowers - Steering Wheel or Lap Bars?



How to Choose a Cub Cadet Zero Turn Lawn Mower

If you’re in the market for a Cub Cadet zero turn lawn mower, there are a few things to consider. It’s important to ask yourself exactly what you need to do with your zero turn mower. If you have a house with a mid size lawn, you don't need to buy the same zero turn lawn mower as someone who has several acres or a professional user.

What is Deck Size on a Zero Turn Mower?

The deck size on a zero turn mower determines how much grass gets cut as you ride. Deck size is measured from left to right and is the width of the cutting surface below the mower. A zero turn mower with a wide cutting deck, like the Cub Cadet Z1 137, cuts more grass as you ride it, but can be more difficult to use in smaller spaces. Conversely, a smaller deck like the one found on the Cub Cadet XZ5 L107 zero turn lawn mower allows you to maneuver around tight spaces easily but will take longer to cut larger lawns.

Deck size is one of the biggest factors in determining how many acres a zero turn mower can handle. Our XZ5 L107 can take on up to 2 acres, while the Z1 137 can handle up to 5 acres

Steering Wheel Vs. Lap Bar on Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are available with either lap bar steering or a traditional steering wheel. The most common steering on a zero turn mower is lap bar steering. The newer type, with a more traditional steering wheel offers increased control in the front wheels, which is needed for mowing along the side edges of slopes and hills. And if you’re a beginner who hasn’t used a lap bar before, a steering wheel provides a familiar feel as it operates just like driving a car.

A lap bar mower steers differently than a steering wheel mower. Lap bar mowers accelerate by pushing the bars forward and steer similarly to riding a horse. When you want to turn the mower left, pull the left bar towards you, and when turning right, pull the right bar. The front wheels on a lap bar mower are casters and roll freely like on a shopping cart. Since a lap bar mower doesn’t have much traction in the front, you could experience what’s known as “turf tear” if you lose traction on a steep hill. Thus, the general rule of thumb is that if you have a very flat lawn, lap bar mowers are perfectly fine. However, a steering wheel mower may be the better fit if your lawn is sloped.

If you need any more help in choosing your new lawnmower please just get in touch!

You can check out our full range of Cub Cadet zero turn mowers here.

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