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Which STIHL Battery Range is Best For You?


At STIHL, there are battery-powered tools for every task, so whether you’re a home gardener or a professional user, you’ll be sure to find the right tool for the job. We offer four different ranges of cordless power tools, but how do you know which range is the one for you? You don’t want to buy a domestic machine for a professional application! Take a look at our guide to make sure you invest in the right STIHL tools for you.

STIHL AI Battery System

STIHL battery powered grass trimmer


The AI Line is STIHL’s range of battery-powered tools for use by homeowners with smaller gardens. These products are extremely lightweight and have straightforward handling, making gardening jobs easy to complete.

How Many Tools Are in The STIHL AI Line Range?

There are 3 products in this line of battery-powered tools:

The BGA 45 cordless leaf blower

The FSA 45 cordless grass trimmer

The HSA 45 cordless hedge trimmer

How are These Products Powered?

Each of these machines has a built-in battery with a port on the tool itself to charge it. You do not need to purchase a separate battery or charger with these tools.

STIHL Safety key for battery-powered productsSTIHL AI Charging cable

Does a Battery and Charger Come With The Product?

Yes. These machines have a built-in battery and come with a charger.

The safety key is also provided with AI Line tools. When this key is removed, the machine will not operate. When this key is inserted, the product can be used until it runs out of power.

STIHL AS Battery SystemSTIHL HSA 26 grass shears


The AS System tools are compact, light and easy to handle. They are designed for quick and efficient garden maintenance at home.

What is in The AS System?

There are 2 products in this system of tools:

  • The STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner, which is perfect for quick pruning of branches, cutting firewood and small DIY jobs
  • The STIHL HSA 26 shrub and grass shears, which have interchangeable blades depending on the task you are doing. With one blade, they can be used for easy trimming of small-leafed shrubs, or just switch the blade in seconds and the HSA 26 can be used for trimming lawn edges or small areas of lawn

How Are These Products Powered?

These products are powered by a replaceable AS 2 battery. This battery is charged using the AL 1 charger. AS System tools have a slot for inserting the battery directly into the machine.

STIHL AS Battery

STIHL AS Battery charger

Does a Battery And Charger Come With The Product?

Yes. STIHL AS System products are available as tool only or as part of a set, and each set has an AS 2 battery and AL 1 charger included. You can purchase additional AS 2 batteries and AL 1 chargers separately.

For more information on this system, click here

STIHL AK Battery SystemSTIHL AK System hedge trimmer


The AK System tools are impressive machines with a flexible range of applications for medium-sized and larger gardens. From mowing the lawn to cutting firewood, they are ideal if you want to tackle almost any type of job in your garden.

What is in The AK System?

There are over 10 products in this system of cordless tools:

  • The STIHL MSA 120 C-B and MSA 140 C-B chainsaws
  • The BGA 57 leaf blower
  • The FSA 57 and FSA 60 R battery-powered grass trimmer
  • The HSA 56 hedge trimmer and HLA 56 long-reach hedge trimmer
  • The RMA 235, RMA 248 and RMA 339 C cordless lawn mowers
  • The RLA 240 lawn scarifier

How Are These Products Powered?

These products are powered by one of three interchangeable AK batteries, either the AK 10, AK 20 or AK 30, which slot directly into the machines.

The batteries are all the same size so are interchangeable in the machines although, with certain tools, we do recommend the higher capacity batteries in the range to get the full power. For example, you should always use the STIHL AK 30 battery with the MSA 140 C-B chainsaw otherwise the performance will be reduced.

The batteries can be charged using the AL 101 charger

STIHL AK Battery

Does a Battery And Charger Come With The Product?

Some of our AK System machines are sold as a set with the battery and charger. In this case, buying the tools as a set is slightly cheaper than buying the items separately.

When you buy any AK tool, it will always be clear whether they are being sold with a battery and charger, but if you aren’t sure, just ask us. If you already have an AK battery and charger, you may just want to buy the tool only, and all of the tools in the range can be bought on their own.

For more information or to find out the recommended battery for your AK System tool, get in touch or check out our website listings.

STIHL AP Battery SystemSTIHL AP System battery hedge trimmer


The AP System tools are powerful battery-powered machines with long working times, outstanding handling and useful comfort features. This extensive system has a wide range of products with interchangeable batteries. AP System tools are suitable for professional users but are also useful if you have a large garden that you want to maintain yourself. If you are using STIHL AP System tools for professional work, you’ll receive 2 year’s professional warranty on your machine as well (subject to product registration and annual servicing).

What is in The AP System?

There are over 30 products in this system of tools:


MSA 160 C-BBGA 86FSA 86 RRMA 253HSA 66
MSA 200 C-BBGA 100FSA 90 R / 90RMA 443 CHSA 86
MSA 220 C-BBGA 200FSA 130 R / 130RMA 443 VCHSA 94 R
MSA 161 TFSA 135 R / 135RMA 448 VCHSA 94 T
RMA 765 VHLA 66
HLA 135
HTA 66KMA 130 RSGA 85TSA 230KGA 770
HTA 86KMA 135 R
HTA 135

How Are These Products Powered?

These products are powered by interchangeable STIHL AP batteries or AR L backpack batteries. The backpack batteries are designed to give the longest run times for professional use. Both types of batteries can be charged using the AL 300 or AL 500 fast charger. AP System tools either have a slot for inserting the battery directly into the machine or a socket for a connecting cable that can be connected to an AP battery in a battery belt, or to a backpack battery.

STIHL AP BatterySTIHL backpack battery chargerSTIHL AL 300 Charger

Does a Battery And Charger Come With The Product?

No. AP System tools are sold without a battery or charger. These must be purchased separately. Each AP System tool has a recommended battery and charger which provides the best balance in the tool, but larger capacity batteries can still be used with them for longer run times.

For more information or to find out the recommended battery for your AP System tool, get in touch via phone or email.

STIHL are continuously developing their battery technology and are launching both new battery tools and more intelligent batteries regularly. If you are thinking of investing in a battery system, you can be sure that STIHL battery tools can be relied on for years to come. For more advice on picking the right battery system just get in touch.

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