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How to choose a lawnmower that suits you.


In order to make an informed choice when it comes to a lawn mower which meets your needs, you need to take into account the following:


The first important aspect of choosing your new lawn mower is the size of the lawn you want to mow.

We offer a variety of smaller 14" - 17" (35 - 43cm) electric, battery-powered and engine-powered lawn mowers for mowing small and mid-size lawns upto 800sqm.

For mid to large lawns up to 1500 sqm we recommend some our larger self propelled mowers (from 18" (46cm) + )

For larger areas 1500 sqm and up we recommend choosing one of ride on mowers.

To sum up, size matters.


The second choice is what powers your machine.

If you have a really small lawn without too many obstacles and don't mind pulling around an electric cable, then the right choice for you would be one of our electric lawn mowers.

If you want hassle free mowing with no cables and still have minimal noise, great power and ease of use then you should opt for a battery powered lawn mower.

For larger lawns and more demanding work we recommend our petrol powered mowers. We offer a wide range of petrol powered machines which will meet the demands of even the most demanding customers.


Most of our lawn mowers are equipped with a grass collector, and some of them also have a mulching and/or discharge option.

Collecting Pros - Clean cut. Can mow less frequently

Collecting Cons - Unsightly grass heap builds up where you empty the clippings. Takes longer to mow as you need to stop and empty the grass bag frequently.

Mulching Pros - Healthier, greener lawn due to leaving the clippings mulched up on the lawn as a natural fertiliser. Faster mowing time as you don't need to stop to empty grass bag.

Mulching Cons - Mulch clippings can sometimes be picked up on pets and shoes then brought indoors. Requires more frequent mowing, approx once every 5 days.

Discharge Pros - Can mow longer and tougher grass. Ideal for areas mowed a few times per year.

Discharge Cons - Doesn't leave a nice finish on a lawn compared to collecting or mulching

If you need any more info just get in touch on 056 77 21125 and we will be happy to help!

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