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Berg InGround vs Berg Flatground


Here is a quick run down on the differences between Berg Standard, InGround & Flatground trampolines.

Standard Trampolines are above ground trampolines which require a safety net and step ladder. These safety ladders are removable to make sure no little ones wonder onto the trampoline. They use a safety net which helps keep users safely on the trampoline.

InGround Trampolines sit on the ground, at ground level, and there is a small four to six inch step up onto the trampoline. It will be required to dig a hole beneath the jump mat to allow clearance when jumping. The trampoline is NOT actually sunk into the ground. As these are still raised off the ground, they use a safety net which helps keep users safely on the trampoline.

Inground installation details here

Flatground Trampolines are placed below to surface of the ground with the jump mat then level with the lawn. These trampolines require a deeper hole to be dug than the Inground. These trampolines do not use a safety net so they are easy to step on to while being at the safety of ground level.

Flatground installation details are similar to the Inground but the hole beneath needs to be deeper. If you need any help with this, please just get in touch.

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